Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back to life...back to reality...

Well, we're back home. All the chickens are doing well and Tony cat is very happy that we are back. The photo you see to the left is of one of the numerous Maple trees in my grandma's yard. The weather in Arkansas while we visited was gorgeous! We missed the big 12" snow in Northern NY...yeah!!!!

We had great time. I met my nephew Hayden for the first time. He's a cutie pie. He's 4 and quite a loving child. He threw his arms around me and grandma when we went to visit him. I wish I lived closer so I could see him often. Also I saw my niece Madison who's almost 4. She such a sweetheart and very bossy! It's a family trait- so my hubby says! Grandma is doing pretty well. We've decided to move down there. I hate to quit my job but, it's getting to where she really needs us to help her out. Lots of prayers and planning will have to be done before we pack up. We'll probably have to leave the house vacant while trying to sell it. It probably will be easier to sell then anyway.

On the chicken front Phoebe is limping a bit. I let the girls out today for awhile after it rained and Cluckster and Girl were picking on Phoebe and I think she must have hurt her leg. So I put her and Scroungey back in the chicken tractor for the day. She seemed to be walking a bit better tonight on the way to the roost.

When Eric went to pick-up our mail that was being held at the post office it was in a big box. I still haven't gone through it all! I've read all the letters, opened the bills, etc. I still have the magazines to go through tomorrow. Well, I'm off for the night.

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