Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Household is going to the birds...

I tried to integrate Cluckster back into the flock, but of course, Ole’ Meanie wasn’t having it. None of the other girls except Ole’ Meanie and Sylvia bothered her. So, I kept her in a cage inside the run with them and let her out at roosting time. I did this for 3 days and Sylvia was okay with Cluckster after that. Ole’ Meanie however, was a different story. Ole’ Meanie would chase Cluckster and jump on her back and basically just torture her, until all Cluckster did was stay on the roost all day. Cluckster was pretty contended inside the house, so I just brought her back inside. My chicken diaper order goes out today and I will pay for rush delivery! She likes to preen on top of the cat burrow that my Tony cat never used. It’s right in front of one of our large windows overlooking the backyard. The sun shines right into it around noon and she just loves it. She’s such a pretty chicken.

I try to keep a keen eye on her, so she doesn’t leave any poopies around. What Eric doesn’t know won’t hurt him hehehe! When I cook anything when she’s out of the cage, her and Tony will be right under my feet begging for a piece of food. She has thought about pecking Tony, but, she wisely decided not too! He gets a little jealous if I pay too much attention to her, but all in all, they get along splendidly. Doesn’t she look rather contemplative here?

The other news from the coop is that one of my Dominique’s named Weezy (after Weezy Jefferson!) is now inside in the hospital cage. Every morning, I always watch them just to make sure that everyone is feeling 100%. Well, a few days ago I noticed that Weezy was looking a bit stressed out. I started bringing her scrambled eggs with cheese each morning with a little Baytril added in. After feeling around on her abdomen, I noticed she was molting! Molting in late January! Now her belly and under her wings are about naked with the start of new feathers barely showing. So, today, I have to make her a sweater some how. Every time I touch her a wad of feathers go flying everywhere. I don’t know why her molt is coming so very late. It seems all the hens had a bad molt this year.

Yesterday morning it wasn’t too bad outside, so I put Weezy and Cluckster in the chicken ark that you saw in the photo’s. I have it stored inside a shed and I put a heat lamp hanging up for them. Once I get her sweater made I can put her and Cluckster out inside the ark during the day and bring them inside the house to roost. I was surprised that Weezy and Cluckster didn’t seem to fight at all. The only chicken that I’ve saw Cluckster be mean to is Phoebe! This summer while they were outside Cluckster would wait until Phoebe was trying to take a dust bath and she would run after her and spitefully pull out one of Phoebe’s feathers! What a stinker Cluckster is toward Phoebe! So, I cannot put her into Phoebe, Scroungey and Big Momma’s pen. Aye…chicken politics! There’s a photo of my “darling” chicken sweater hehhehe….

Other than that there’s not too much going on in the coops. The girl’s are getting really bored with winter. I think once it warms up, I can again try to integrate Cluckster and Weezy back into their original flock.