Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leg problems

Scroungey is having some leg problems. She has always had bent, twisted toes, but, she has always gotten along fine. She was okay this morning, but when I got home she was limping but, would run like with her toes bunched up on the left leg. I've got her inside for the night. I massaged her leg with ointment to reduce swelling. She doesn't have bumblefoot. She's eating. I wonder if she's got arthritis? I've also been bringing Cluckster in at night as her bumblefoot has come back again. No matter what I do, she heals then she gets it again. I put her on the roost and I take her off. I just wonder if when they were chicks if they had an A, D OR E deficiency? The girls are all 3 years old now.

This is the hen Girl I blogged about earlier, who I nursed back to health after her egg broke inside her and she prolapsed. Doesn't she look 150% better? The only lasting thing from her health problem seems to be an egg with a little lump on it.
On another note, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging regularly. So many things are going on around here. The USPS management has saw fit to make me work a full time shift on Friday's (I get home at 5-5:30PM) and then work from 2AM-Noon on Saturday. Needless to say by the time I get home on Saturday all I want to do is sleep. Sunday's are not much better. I just cannot sleep on Friday nights. Anyway, I am grateful to God that I have a job, as many have lost their jobs.
Signing out for tonight.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chicken Super Models

As I am watching America's Next Top Model reruns today, I started to think about which supermodels looked like my chickens! Yes, the brain does wonder at the strangest things while at rest! It gave me a chuckle. My Olde Bitty (seen above) reminds me a bit of Cheryl Tiegs. She's serious, eye catching and gets the job done!
Old Meanie (above) reminds me of Janice Dickinson. Bold, fearless, adventurous, independent and a little crazy. Can't you just see Janice Dickinson in that facial expression? LOL

Scroungey is the Lauren Hutton of chicken super modeling. A bit different, awkward, and she had a bend toe, yet her poses are somehow endearing and charming.

Last but, truly not least is Cluckster. She's the Tyra Banks in Chicken modeldom. She never takes a bad photo, she has a full array of different looks and facial expressions!
Perhaps Tyra Banks will read this and arrange for my chickens to have makeovers and a new coop built hahaha!