Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prayers please

I won't go into details, but, I want to ask for prayers for some peace in my life right now. I'm really trying to make my marriage work. It's very challenging to make a marriage work and to have any stability when you're married to a man who refuses to grow up and has no desire to grow spiritually in many ways. I was never raised in a household where people were given to strong drink. Anyway, please just pray for my sanity. I at times feel like I'm going crazy living with this man. Thank you.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

prayers ans a cyber hug for ya honey

Christy said...

You're in my thoughts. I've had some rough times in my marriage too. For me, it came down to deciding if I could accept who he was if he didn't change at all. I decided I could and he has changed some. If you can't, that is ok too, but I wouldn't hold out hope for change.

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

Joanna- thanks so much! I appreciate it.

Christy- That's where I am right now in my marriage. It's just very sad to me that we get along so well, until too much beer comes into the picture. I try to avoid him whenever he drinks, but, he gets very passive-aggressive. He does good for awhile then he'll fall. I am just going to try to strengthen my faith in God during this time. Other than the drinking my hubbie is a good man, so on the scale of things to deal with I guess it could be worse.

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. It means a lot.

Darlene said...

awww Shana... I wish you could have seen one of the letters I had written to you but tore up : ( I was worried about my marriage and things seemed to be falling apart around me. Things have gotten better, but I should have sent it to you. At the time I thought, "she doesnt need to hear all this crud!" You are in my prayers sweetie.
Much love and hugs,

Kelly said...

I am sorry your having to deal with this. I hope things will get better and he will just stop drinking. Some folks just cant have a drink or two, and there in lies the problem. Big hugs, Kelly