Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chicken Whisperer?

Well, well, well.. where has the time gone? I hope all are doing well. This year has so far been full of surprises. Last Saturday, I go out to the chicken coop to get the girls taken care of, before I left for work. Lo and behold, I find Cluckster (pictured above) laying in the far darkest corner of the coop. She was trying to cluck to me as usual and it wasn't coming out, just her frail body was moving up and down in rhythm with her usual clucks. It was obvious she wasn't doing well. I rushed her into the house to warm her up, I gave her Baytril and Metacam. She was so very weak she didn't fight me at all when I had to open up her mouth to medicate her. I thought for sure that I was going to loose my sweet old Cluckster. By the way her leg felt, I thought perhaps she fell off the roost and broke her leg or twisted it, or perhaps the bumblefoot she has battled had moved up to the leg joint. I sweet talked her, while I held her next to me, finally, into eating some boiled egg spiked with ProBios and I mixed some Nutri-drench in her drinking water along with a bit of Terramycin. Though, I discontinued the Terramycin after one day. I've also been rubbing her leg and joint with Neo-sporin plus. Her comb is waxy and red now and she's back to her old cluckie self. Thank the good Lord that she is doing better. She is now fighting me every time I medicate and rub her leg with medication. I'm beginning to feel like a natural Chicken Whisperer. Cluckster loves it when I sing to her! Hahaha!

One of my wonderful pen pals sent me a "Chickens Rule" notebook for Christmas, to inspire my writing! I'm happy to say that I've finished my first rough draft of an article to submit to a poultry magazine. I've been talking to the editor via email and I'm fairly excited. There's no guarantee that I will get the article published, but, I'm going to try and try again.

Well, I'm off to bed... it is very cold, -22. I have a kerosene out in the coop to keep the girls warm. I do thank the Lord for his many blessings and provisions this year and in the last year. He truly has gave me more than I deserve. Why he loves me, I have no idea, but, I'm so very thankful.

Ps- I've been getting 5-8 eggs a day through this horrid cold weather. Not too bad for hens past the 2 year old mark!


Darlene said...

Shana, you are such a wonderful Chicken mama! You are just So precious! I am happy that cluckster is doing better! Your letter isn't lost...its RIGHT here next to me! I've had so much happen... but when I said your letter was on the way... I really meant it, and it is still coming.

Sharon/primthyme said...

Shana ,I have a niece Shana,she is 14,beautiful like you !!
I grew up on a farm also,many years ago.
I love your blog & I have 4 awards for you ! Please stop by my blog & pick them up !
Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Lisa said...

When we kept a few laying hens ( 26 to be exact) several years ago, a large dog got into the pen and injured several of the girls and darn near killed my big buff rooster. I took the worst ones to the vet and got them stitched up and then we had a whole row of hospital cages in the spare room for several weeks. The worst of it was mixing the hurt ones back in after they were all well. Out of 6 hurt, we didn't lose a one! They are tougher than they look!

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

Darlene-- I think everyone is so very hectic right now. I know I am and I never seem to accomplish as much as I like. I can't wait to hear from you!

Sharon, Thank you for your nice compliment! I sure don't feel beautiful today! I could find the Lemonade award, where were the others? I will stop by tomorrow, as I'm very sleepy right now! Thank you so very much!

Lisa--Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Yes, chickens are stronger than they seem. Tomorrow, Cluckster has to go back out into the coop tomorrow. I think I will leave her in her hospital coop for a few days while in there so they get used to her more.


Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi Shana,
You are so welcome. I wouldn't worry about doing it right !! I never get them right !!! LOL I can never figure out the addresses for the blogs.
Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Nancy M. said...

Cluckster is very pretty! It's always a good sign when they start fighting back, lol. I'm glad she is getting better. I have a sick chicken in the house right now I'm taking care of.

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

Thank you for stopping by! How's your chicken doing now? Cluckster is back out in the coop, but still in the cage so the other girl won't pick on her.