Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Too little time

Too little time lately to do much of anything. It's been working at the post office 24-7. I've been going from one PO to the next. Not much time to spend with my animals, write my pen pals or to do any baking. Any free time I've been wrapping up the things I've sold on Ebay. So, if any of my pen pals are reading this, I do apologise for not being able to write. I'm planning on hopefully getting some down time this weekend. I want to follow my Tony cat's example for a day or As for the girls, they are doing pretty well. Eric paid my stepson William to clean out their roosting coop today. This morning one of my black heat lamps, literally, exploded. The glass went everywhere. I tried to pick it up ASAP. I was running late for work, so I got everything I could see. After Eric dropped me off at work, he and William took care of getting the old wood chips out of there. Tootie was tring to get ahold of the glass, she's such a stinker. Instead of wood chips I used straw this time. After the couple of crop problems I've had, I started to think that they were filling up on wood chips as they were scratching for their corn. They seem to like the straw and I think it keeps the house warmer. They also love to eat it.
Well, we finally got our Christmas trees up. We put up a small one with all of our sentimental ornaments. I have lots of bird and chicken ornaments too, on it. Then I put up a formal tree with all matching ornaments and Victorian tassels. They look really pretty. For my anniversary my hubbie bought me a new digital camera with 10MP and an 18X zoom. After having a 2MP, this is like wow! I will post some photo's if I get a chance to install my new camera software. Anyway, I'll close for tonight, have to get up early to get to work tomorrow. Then we'll go into town to get my Christmas groceries. God bless.

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Joanna said...

I can only imagine what it's like at the PO during the holidays. I certainly hope you can get a lot of rest real soon. Merry Christmas!