Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chickens are restless

The chickens are restless today, it was very rainy and windy last night so their yard is a muddy mess today. Weezy is in the coop declaring her unhappiness with the weather. I can hear her on the baby monitor clucking with distain. Weezy very much likes to be out in the sun.

As I am starting this blogging experience, I'm looking forward to posting the rest of the photos of my girls. Unfortunately, the laptop with all my chicken photo's has had to visit the computer Doc. So... you'll meet the rest of the gals later on!

To make matters worse today, Ole' Bitty has gone BROODY!! She wants to be a mommy sooo badly. If only we had more room and lived on a farm, I'd have some fertile eggs under here already. This is the second time that Ole' Bitty has gone broody. At first I thought Ole' Bitty was egg bound. I when out to the coop armed with Vaseline, rubber gloves, mineral oil and my chicken 1st Aid Kit. All prepared to do battle with the offending egg, so I could save my Ole' Bitty. I couldn't feel an egg with my fingers in the vent and I couldn't feel any when checking her abdomen area. So, I hoped and prayed that it was only her broodiness coming on. Thank God it was!

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